Who are we?

The British Neuro-Oncology Society (BNOS) has its origins in The British Glioma Group (conceived in 1980 as a forum for basic scientists) which became in 1989 The British Neuro Oncology Group, in order to recognise the inclusion of tumours other than glioma, and then The British Neuro-Oncology Society in 2004. By this time, the organisation had widened its coverage to become truly multi-disciplinary, welcoming neurosurgeons, neuro-scientists, neurologists, neuropathologists, neuroradiologists, neuropsychologists, paediatric and adult oncologists, neuropsychiatrists, clinical nurse specialists, radiotherapists, allied health professionals, members of patient and advocacy organisations and many more disciplines.

The Society encourages junior members in all these disciplines by means of dedicated education days and various prizes and awards.  BNOS is central to promoting all branches of medicine related to neuro-oncology, leading the way in enhancing both research and clinical practice and uniting all the allied sectors, including Parliamentary and Government.  From the earliest days of its predecessor organisations, BNOS has always entertained international figures in neuro-oncology and the Society continues to interact with appropriate national, European and international bodies.

BNOS strives to network neuro-oncology in the following ways:

    • By creating opportunities at our annual meetings for effective interaction and collaboration between the diverse neuro-oncology disciplines
    • By fostering specialist education and training for junior scientists and clinicians at our annual Education Day, we strive to encourage young professionals to make neuro-oncology their career of choice
    • We encourage the sharing of innovation in research and clinical practice by offering opportunities for abstract presentations, awards and bursaries
    • Alerting individuals working in the field of neuro-oncology of potential funding opportunities and job vacancies via our website
    • Acting as the voice of neuro-oncology in the political process, promoting increased research funding and up-to-date utilisation of treatments and techniques in clinical practice

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Welcome to BNOS 2018 Annual Conference

This event ensures that all those working in neuro-oncology in the UK meet to learn, discuss and impart findings within a friendly and informative atmosphere.

The multidisciplinary role of BNOS is represented by plenary presentations, discussions, debates, sponsored symposia, oral presentations and posters covering a wide variety of topics which may range from stem cells and in-vitro models to classification and biomarkers, neuro-imaging and neurosurgical techniques, immuno-oncology, quality of life and indicators of patient performance.

The Wednesday morning will focus on education and research in the field of cerebral metastases. This population of patients is increasing in volume in all of our MDTs and outcomes continue to improve. In the afternoon we will learn about the newly released NICE guidelines for primary and secondary brain tumours and debate the impact and controversies that may result. Following this we will together discuss the management of some more complex and rarer tumours in our MDT meeting, to help us understand different approaches to these challenges.

Thursday will focus on both clinical and scienti c aspects of neuro-oncology, with parallel sessions running most of the day. Plenary lectures will educate us on shared decision making and provide a patient and carer perspective from a well known British Actress, Holly Matthews, who has been very active in social media on this subject. We will also learn about the latest surgical techniques and scientic research on paediatric gliomas. We will together celebrate the 70th Birthday of the NHS at the gala dinner!

On Friday we will hear from one of the most experienced oncologists in the field of Proton Beam Therapy from PSI, Switzerland, in the year that PBT arrives in the UK. Our guest from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre will explain how we can integrate regenerative stem cell science into cancer research and will will have an update on NIHR and brain tumour research in the UK.

Throughout the meeting there will be a number of sessions focusing on presentations of novel work from around the UK and beyond. Prizes will be awarded for the best oral and poster presentations. Bursaries are available from BNOS to attend the meeting.
This year we are delighted to welcome the British Radiosurgery Society who will be hosting an afternoon prior to BNOS conference, that is free to attend and is also accepting abstracts for presentation.


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Interesting survey on prophylactic AEDs from mike jenkinson and RCT outlined https://t.co/RCNIFvk0P9

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