BNOS @BNOSOfficial Nov 07, 18

Read more about APPG brain tumours work via our website https://t.co/tnQbTgHTHc

BNOS @BNOSOfficial Nov 07, 18

Check out the latest news from BNOS https://t.co/HfLcrbA6Om Sign up as a member to get ebrain access @ebrainnet

BNOS @BNOSOfficial Nov 05, 18

Great venue for BNOS2019, see you all there https://t.co/s3Oao9GGZI

BNOS @BNOSOfficial Nov 09, 18

BNOS council meeting today. Lots of great work going on. Get the date in your diary for #BNOS2019 London July 3-5. Glioma club and boot camp on Wednesday, great program.

BNOS @BNOSOfficial Nov 23, 18

An interesting piece of technology and course https://t.co/HYzvzf5Trk

BNOS @BNOSOfficial Nov 22, 18

Check out our videos from #BNOS2018 Winchester https://t.co/cE08UXRN31

BNOS @BNOSOfficial Nov 29, 18

Book onto the Queen’ Square neuro-oncology course and receive a discount on BNOS membership as an added bonus. Great course too! https://t.co/blQDPcWGi1

BNOS @BNOSOfficial Dec 04, 18

Our calendar of events is worth a look. Check out the latest brain tumour meetings https://t.co/XjOKGqpjPZ

BNOS @BNOSOfficial Dec 04, 18

Check out the @BrainTumourOrg CNS and AHP conference in Birmingham https://t.co/mbqjOUyviv

BNOS @BNOSOfficial Dec 07, 18

See you all next year in London #BNOS2019 https://t.co/RAbVfrYwIF

BNOS @BNOSOfficial Dec 06, 18

Interesting survey on prophylactic AEDs from mike jenkinson and RCT outlined https://t.co/RCNIFvk0P9

BNOS @BNOSOfficial Dec 06, 18

What a great lecture @hollymatthews #BNOS2018 very emotional account of her experiences and invaluable advice to the clinical community on communication https://t.co/qdh1V6oPMu

BNOS @BNOSOfficial Dec 12, 18

Hope everyone enjoyed day 1 of #BNOS2018. Great talks, great audience. Thanks to sponsors, speakers, @academia_uk see you at drinks @WinCathedral