Mr Athanasios Zisakis BSc, MSc, MD, PhD

Neurosurgical Oncology Fellow

Graduating from Greece, Mr Zisakis is currently the Neuro-oncology Fellow in Neurosurgery at QEHB. He also undertook a BSc in Biology and postgraduate studies (PhD and MD) in Neuro-oncology.

He is board certified neurosurgeon since 2014. He has special interest in neurophysiology and functional approach to tumour resections, integrating neuro-navigation with new technologies (DTi/US). He is also trained in the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation for pre operative mapping of eloquent areas. He is co-director of the Ultrasound course in Neurosurgery.
He has participated in a number of trials including Abbvie M13813 Intellance1 DepatuxM, and Cabbmt1.

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BNOS @BNOSOfficial   11:56 AM - Fri 20 Nov 2020

BNOS council underway. Lots of commitment and many challenges ahead. Onwards and upwards!

BNOS @BNOSOfficial   6:06 PM - Mon 21 Sep 2020

Paediatric brain tumour case today, 2 adult patients next week. Raising awareness of how much brain tumours affect the lives of our patients and their families

BNOS @BNOSOfficial   8:46 PM - Wed 9 Sep 2020

Great virtual meeting today. Research meeting tomorrow For more information

BNOS @BNOSOfficial   9:33 PM - Fri 28 Aug 2020

Register now for our on line events September 9th and 10th

BNOS @BNOSOfficial   7:00 PM - Thu 16 Jul 2020

Working towards our amazing educational experiences this year. Obviously virtual in the shadow (or not?!) of covid-19. Neuro-oncology teams out there check out Theme: BIOMARKERS IN NEURO-ONCOLOGY September 9th. Save the date See you there (virtually)😀

BNOS @BNOSOfficial   9:24 AM - Wed 1 Jul 2020

BNOS council underway via zoom

BNOS @BNOSOfficial   8:06 PM - Thu 18 Jun 2020

We are strongly supporting our colleagues @NeuroOnc in respect of their statement on racial equality