Professor Andrew Peet

Professor of Clinical Paediatric Oncology (NIHR)

Andrew Peet is a Professor of Clinical Paediatric Oncology at the University of Birmingham and Birmingham Children’s Hospital. His research interests are in advanced MRI and tumour metabolism and he is the Research Director of the NIHR 3T MR Research facility.

Professor Peet leads the Children’s Brain Tumour Research Team which is broadly multi-disciplinary across both academia and the NHS and has led research studies at national and international level with more than 100 publications. Professor Peet is a member of the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group’s Executive and is the chair of its Research Advisory Group as well as being the Paediatric representative on the BNOS Council.

He has also been the co-chair of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology Brain Imaging Group and the chair of the Paediatric Study Group of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. The current focus of his work is to bring advances in functional imaging to the clinic through developing and deploying clinical decision support systems based on machine learning.

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BNOS @BNOSOfficial   11:56 AM - Fri 20 Nov 2020

BNOS council underway. Lots of commitment and many challenges ahead. Onwards and upwards!

BNOS @BNOSOfficial   6:06 PM - Mon 21 Sep 2020

Paediatric brain tumour case today, 2 adult patients next week. Raising awareness of how much brain tumours affect the lives of our patients and their families

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Great virtual meeting today. Research meeting tomorrow For more information

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Register now for our on line events September 9th and 10th

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Working towards our amazing educational experiences this year. Obviously virtual in the shadow (or not?!) of covid-19. Neuro-oncology teams out there check out Theme: BIOMARKERS IN NEURO-ONCOLOGY September 9th. Save the date See you there (virtually)😀

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BNOS council underway via zoom

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We are strongly supporting our colleagues @NeuroOnc in respect of their statement on racial equality