This event ensures that all those working in neuro-oncology in the UK meet to learn, discuss and impart findings within a friendly and informative atmosphere.

The multidisciplinary role of BNOS is represented by plenary presentations, discussions, debates, sponsored symposia, oral presentations and posters covering a wide variety of topics which may range from stem cells and in-vitro models to classification and biomarkers, neuro-imaging and neurosurgical techniques, immuno-oncology, quality of life and indicators of patient performance.

THEME | Precision medicine and the future of neuro-oncology practice

PATIENT VARIABILITY | New approaches to clinical trials will be essential for future precision medicine. We will explore novel trial designs, clinical and radiological annotation of biological data and integration of trials and lab-based research. Combined, these will help identify ‘targeted’ treatments to improve survival and/or quality of life.

EMERGING TREATMENTS | Precision therapeutics, combining advanced pre-clinical models of brain cancer with novel trial methodologies, will be required to develop targeted treatments for individuals. Summarising current state-of-the-art in neurosurgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, we will review how tumour microenvironment influences treatment response, and present emerging strategies from immune-oncology to engineering approaches and advanced diagnostics. We will showcase ongoing and emerging clinical trials, and debate the future of brain cancer research.

OPTIMISING OUTCOMES | Working with patient and carers focus groups, we are developing multi-disciplinary programmes to improve patient outcomes and experience. These include pre-habilitation, optimising mental and physical fitness before treatment, a survivor’s programme, helping patients cope with the disease and treatment, and a carer’s programme to help support those looking after brain cancer patients.


BNOS @BNOSOfficial   11:56 AM - Fri 20 Nov 2020

BNOS council underway. Lots of commitment and many challenges ahead. Onwards and upwards! https://t.co/phOKOw1vM8

BNOS @BNOSOfficial   6:06 PM - Mon 21 Sep 2020

Paediatric brain tumour case today, 2 adult patients next week. Raising awareness of how much brain tumours affect the lives of our patients and their families https://t.co/QnZ8HdEHsw

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Great virtual meeting today. Research meeting tomorrow For more information https://t.co/0sbI3UTD5X

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Register now for our on line events September 9th and 10th https://t.co/cRr3of8QMV https://t.co/qglO9gDq2B

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Working towards our amazing educational experiences this year. Obviously virtual in the shadow (or not?!) of covid-19. Neuro-oncology teams out there check out https://t.co/0sbI3UTD5X Theme: BIOMARKERS IN NEURO-ONCOLOGY September 9th. Save the date See you there (virtually)😀

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BNOS council underway via zoom https://t.co/LxtIWEFZsV

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We are strongly supporting our colleagues @NeuroOnc in respect of their statement on racial equality https://t.co/HfLcrbA6Om