The British Neuro-Oncology Society welcomes free papers in both oral and poster format.

In order to submit your abstract please visit https://bnos2024.exordo.com


Abstract Topics:

  • Adult Glioma
  • Laboratory, translational and clinical science
  • Cerebral metastasis (and other CNS malignancies)
  • Survivorship and quality of life
  • Imaging
  • Paediatric oncology and tumours in young adults
  • Meningioma and schwannoma/other
  • Clinical Trials
  • Novel / experimental care
  • Other

Please note this is a strict deadline in order to allow selection by the academic committee with sufficient time for the successful candidates to book appropriate study leave. Any incomplete abstracts will be considered less favourably.

Abstracts should not cite references in accordance with the Manuscript Preparation Instructions given on the Neuro-oncology website (https://academic.oup.com/neuro-oncology).

Abstract titles must be sentence case. (i.e only the first letter should be capitalised).

Please ensure the affiliation section is updated with your current institution.

Abstracts must be original work and not have been published elsewhere.

Tables and figures are not allowed.

To view the 2023 abstract book CLICK HERE